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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 29, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

6:00 am t today >> (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 6 starts now. >> good morning the top stores were following may 29th we're waiting for an announcement on the progress of the new span of the bay bridge. officials are supposed to decide today whether or not is going to be open on labor day weekend. >> chevron will be holding
6:01 am
its annual shareholders meeting today. protesters plan on being there. there will be they're talking about a controversy that involves the richmond refinery. more on that in a bit. >> another good season comes to a bad in for the san jose sharks. a lemonade from the playoffs last night we will have details next. >> first let us good weather c ofays we will begin with the forecast erica good morning. >> good morning james another cloudy day around bay area. high clouds not that low cloud cover that limited visibility as today. will see clearing into the afternoon expect mostly sunny skies. we are waking up to mid to upper 50s. talking about '60s, '70s of boards of mid-70s later today. full details on what to expect this afternoon heading into the weekend coming up at 615. >> good morning george. >> a good morning erica we're getting it were an accident and the fremont milpitas corridor at '80s south of the dixon landing road. could have an impact on the commute backing of
6:02 am
the ride leading down for highway 237. indications are they're not locking lanes in the center divider. the center divider is pretty narrow it could slow the ride. >> here is the bay bridge the west bound back of starting to form now the committee relies been activated early. your quick commute check shows that is traffic still for east bay freeways, interstate 580 and highway 4. >> >> decision today is post come on whether not they're able to get the new season span of the bay ridge open in time for the labor day weekend. kron fours mike pelton on treasure island taking a look at what they're talking about today. hi mike. >> good morning darya the meeting is set for 1:00 this afternoon. caltrans officials will of date of the toll authority on the status of the retrofit to fix 32 bedside seismic safety lots. >> they have uncovered no problem with the bay bridge this time with the bolts of the bike path. the bike that will stretch along the 1.2
6:03 am
mi. is a span o. >> the bike path is a postal the wall after the bridge itself but according to the san francisco chronicle the bolts the use to add to the railing along the ipad failed a need to be replaced. is a the problem crews discovered last year. the article goes that crucible really made what experts call a basic mistake well in the boyle's firmly in place weather leaving with a warrant for when hot weather forces the bike path to expand. >> the caltrans ovat spokesperson said they need to be replaced and will be 100% fixed when the bike path opens. >> a spokesperson tells the paper this is not able person is a they welding problem at the bolts are it was live free. >> we do not know how much because the fixed problem or how many on bike that officials prepared year from caltran you can imagine this bike that problem will likely find its way into the
6:04 am
meeting. of course the big question is whether not the new ease its ban will open as previously scheduled on labor day weekend. potentially will get that answer today as well. >> thank you mike. >> the other story were following comes out of the east bay as well. hours from now under the protesters are expected at 57---outside of chevron's general was meeting. will tran is live outside the headquarters and san ramon to explain. >> james the annual shareholders' meeting will take place at 8:00 in the morning. the protesters around 7:00 start arriving. once they get here they will be met with by the san ramon police department. there are parts live off campus from the chevron campus. it has never been by before a police partner here to make sure that it remains on pilots. >> here is video of the chevron refinery fire back in august 2012. the local
6:05 am
politicians were talking about as rich as mayor. she is upset at chevron for the refinery fire. it since it sent out of it was a hospital in the days after the fire with reading problems. they're still working with chevron as far as compensation and safety measures moving forward. >> what they want to do two things,. 12 had the ceo of chevron a pink slip. the steel maker of force of $32 million a year and he's not doing a good job. >> they want to head a petition to chevron signed by 20,000 people demanding that chevron stop its practice of contracting to local politicians, local campaigns. they believe the approach chevron. >> richmond mayor believes chevron contributed $1.2 million in that city's political races. they're very tired of that. >> chevron saying everything is fine and doing everything by the book. they contribute
6:06 am
to the community as of the largest in the bay area. they pay their taxes and doing everything as far as safety measures. they have historically sent a spokesman over to talk to us would let's talk to the spokesman as a lawyer in progress as well as the protesters. back to you james. >> will wait for things start to develop it there and just in a couple of hours. >> wal-mart officials are in san francisco federal court answering charges that the company dumped hazardous waste in california and a company spokesperson pleaded guilty to misdemeanor counts of dumping pollutants from wal-mart stores into sanitation drains across our state. >> wal-mart would sell $81 million as part of the plea. this is not the first time that wal-mart has been accused of this behavior. back in 2010 the company agreed to pay about $28 million to settle allegations that it improperly dispose of pesticides, fertilizers paint. >> crews working to gain control of the wildfire in
6:07 am
santa barbara. take a look at some of the smoke and the firefight on this fire. they are calling it the white fire is about 2,000 a. as of yesterday afternoon it was 65 percent contained. it's started monday on memorial day in los padres national forest. 100 homes were threatened by the fire or evacuate it. officials slowly allowed to return. >> let us talk sports and the ride of of the san jose sharks this season with justin williams on the kings' scoring two goals and three minutes in the second period. the kings, the stanley cup chance advance of the western conference finals with a 2-1 victory over the sharks in game 7 last night in los angeles. >> jonathan quick made 25 saves for the defending stanley cup champions as they finished off this agonizingly even series with the 14th consecutive home victory of the past two months including seven straight in the postseason. the home team won all seven games in the series with the shorts winning 83 f h p
6:08 am
pavilion, but the kings won all four laws angeles. >> antti nieimi stopped 16 shots and dan boyle scored early in the third year for the sharks in fell just short of their third trip to the competent for years. >> oakland a pitcher mike kickham unless the court a walk to the big leagues. he called up by the dy is to replace ryan bvogelsong was out with a broken finger he did struck out three of the first six batters but then, on their ignores in to run our in the second trip jar rod pocket seven strong innings and the oakland athletics because efforts is a dye is 6-3 last night for the fifth straight victory. adam rodales coordinate for
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everything is perfect. n francid think that the major transit agency in the tech capital of the world would have a world-class website. according to most people who have visited that web site and the last couple of years, that is not the case. all that is ready to change today. they are launching their new web site today is supposed to be more user friendly. they're expected to be on line today. there are 3 million people visiting that site every year and they say it is an important tool for them and that the need to eat updated every day. you're going to be able to plan their trips better. it is going to be a
6:13 am
world-class website. people use it every day are looking forward to it. everyone can go on to the internet at a moment's notice and that will be a hughes tool for muni. >> will wait to see when that review launches and the review starts pouring in. >> 6138 am and we will be back on this wednesday morning, i keep saying that because everyone is off because of memorial day. today, we have some clouds and san francisco. not very much fog, just a tiny bit. it is looking pretty good today. we'll be right back. look at 'em.
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i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> 6:16 a.m. and we are starting off a live look from our mt. tam cam. parts of the bay area are already seeing the sun shine. we have low cloud cover, not the low lying ground fog we had yesterday. temperatures 1 to 2 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. we are starting off the low 60s for antioch, 51 at daly city.
6:17 am
into the 8:00 hour, still dealing with mostly cloudy conditions impacting the entire bay area. by noon, most of us will be clear. you'll see plenty of sunshine along the delta and places like san revell. we're holding on to partly cloudy conditions inside the bay. by later on today,he cloud cover will be pretty stubborn along the san mateo county coastline. the rest of the area was the sunshine instead of clouds. plenty of '70s in the south bay, santa clara 71. mid to upper '70's the possibility in fairfield could spur in antioch. 7 day around the bay mostly sunny skies, warming trend as we head into the weekend.
6:18 am
saturday is expected to be the warmest day of the week. mid-90s in line, a low eighties around the bay, low seventies for the coast. we have the increased concern for fire danger. the sea breezes back in the forecast with a little bit of cooling as we head into your sunday. >> still looking at a pretty ride around the bay area, not tracking any hot spots to slow your ride. yet early activation of the metering lights but that does not mean a bigger than normal backup. six things a 80 minute commute time of the macarthur maze, less if you're coming from the nimitz. the san mateo bridge, highway 92 allied been easy ride with an 11 minute in route time. the golden gate bridge ride is a delay and fog free. a smooth commute. the east bay 15 minutes for hercules to berkeley on 80 it westbound. there is an answer that reported in the san ramon
6:19 am
valley on l costa boulevard, almost at dublin. there was some debris in the lanes but it hasn't cleared from the center divider. a little bit of slowing associated with this accident in the center divider southbound 1 01 at dixon landing road. it is not creating a huge problem. the north bay ride looks good, 1 01 from marin county southbound is still less than 25 minute trip from 37 down to the golden gate bridge. >> an explosion caused havoc in some town and evacuates part of disneyland. something burst inside a trash can at disneyland yesterday evening around 530. police say the blast was caused by dry ice inside a plastic bottle. it was placed inside a trash can and that is where the small explosion happened. no was hurt but the whole area was evacuated. the ones county bomb squad was called to disneyland and led the investigation. no word on if
6:20 am
there any suspects. disneyland officials have not commented on the blast. we're sure they're a lot of cameras there and they're looking at this morning. >> new this morning, michelle bought when posting on our web site announcing she will not run for another term in the u.s. house of representatives. it's the party favorite who ran for the republican presidential nomination last year announced her decision on our web site. bachman says the decision not to run again in 2014 was not employed by any concerns about being reelected. she also says rees inquiries into her 2012 presidential campaign did not affect your decision. >> court documents say an argentine accused of planning an assault on his high school wrote detailed plans to " shoot and throw bombs through out the school " and then killed himself.
6:21 am
police say that the plans were written and no books hidden beneath the floor boards in the teens' bedroom, along with two pipe bombs, to molotov cocktails and at least to adrenal bombs. 17 year-old gragrant acord faces charges including attempted aggravated murder. his bail was set tuesday at $2 million. >> a huge explosion was caught on video after a cargo train collided with a truck and the real deal baltimore yesterday. the blast was held up to half a mile away. it was not immediately clear what kind of chemicals were being carried on the train. haz- mat crews evacuated a half mile area. a fire official as saying nothing toxic is burning and after allowing it to bird, firefighters and
6:22 am
not attempting to put out the fire. the truck driver was badly hurt, no details yet on other injuries. jerry's from around the country continue to ride released to residents of ternate a ravaged neighborhoods and oklahoma. several country music stars with oklahoma ties will take the stage at the release benefit concert healing in the heartland. the lineup includes a country band rascal flats, look bryan, who ran tedder from one republic and more. performer blake shelton is organizing the benefit and headlining along with norandmiranda lamber, read real mcintyrreba mcentire e
6:23 am
gill. the money raised of the taliban will go directly to the united way of central oklahoma. [ male announcer ] we gave the new e-class
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6:26 am
perks as an alternative to help attract and retain employees. and a report released this morning by bankamerica found that only 33 percent of the small business owners its survey provide traditional health care benefits. 31 percent offer additional amenities in the workplace, such as healthy snacks or massages. about 45% of small-business owners offer flexible work or work from home options for employees. >> mothers are now the top earners and 4 to 10 u.s. households. a study released by the new research center is according to a record number of american women are now the sole or primary breadwinner and their families. mothers not keep its finances of low and 40 percent of households with children. that number is up from just 11% in 1960. retirement caused to be a time of relaxation and your bills. more and more people
6:27 am
over the age of 65 are struggling with mounting debt levels. according to federal reserve data crunched by the employee benefit research institute, the average debt held by senior citizens ballooned to $50,000 in 2010. that is up 83% since 2001. after a slight increases in housing related debt and the number of senior citizens rely on credit cards for the rise. >> nike is any its partnership with lance armstrong is live strong charity. a statement by nike said it will stop producing a new live strong products after the 2013 holiday season. live strong yet issued a statement thanking nike for helping raise more than $100 million to advance the foundation's mission. nike will continue to support live strong by funding the charity ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does.
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>> opening bell for the new
6:30 am
york stock exchange on the west and things are going wild on wall street the last few days. the dow was up over 200 points, they want a closing just under points up yesterday. dow futures were down 90 points earlier this morning. now they're down 61. ll bring you the numbers from wall street, we will get all little insight into the market with our financial expert rob black. >> not much change compared to yesterday. we are waking up with cloudy conditions. the warmest spots, mid-70s potentially a couple of upper 70's. rain continues to shift its way east. our extended forecast, looks like by friday the heat is
6:31 am
on. even warmer weather as we head into the weekend. " full details on what to expect coming up in my next report. >> the bay bdgtoll plaza may be blocking the left or middle lane. it looks like they really clamp down the metering lights. there is not a single car moving through the toll plaza right now. this could be a serious hot spot in the making. i can see that the 880 approach is very quickly backing up. no other details other than lanes 2 and 3. that would put it right about here and perhaps it is between the toll plaza and the metering lights. more informations to come. until this occurred, conditions were pretty good around the bay. we had moderate to heavy traffic for the east bay, light to moderate traffic for the south bay. >> following this developing
6:32 am
story with will tran. at about hour from now hundreds of processors will be out side's chevron's annual shareholders meeting. >> the protesters should be here in about an hour from now, when they arrive they will be met by san ramon police officers. you give c 45 police cars awaiting just off of campus for them. to my left, you concede there is a motorcycle police officer for traffic control. there should be it 100 or a little more than that to come out to chevron this year. they have two purposes, one they want to have the seat ceo of chevron a pink slip and they want to hand someone with an the company 20,000 signatures, said a petition demanding that chevron stopped and said it in some local campaigns. they will probably be out here along with bridgman's as mayor.
6:33 am
this is a big deal to them august of 2012 there was a big fire that sent thousands of people to the hospital. the smoking chemicals that were sent into the air, it turns out the fire started because of a ruptured pipe. richmond still dealing with chevron and threatening to possibly higher at a law firm to represent bridgman against chevron. there sang at this point, they're not going to do that. they're hoping to work with chevron. chevron also wants to work with richmond. other committee members in richmond as well with their health problems. they want the co2 personally stopped contributing to campaigns.
6:34 am
she believes they are pro chevron. a lot of people should turn out and we would get reaction from the protesters as well as chevron throughout the morning. >> we will check back with well as the protesters to gather. they made $6.2 billion in the first two months of this year. >> 6:34 a.m. and it has been a long time coming but we will have to see if if the wait anymore for the new eastern span of the bay bridge to open. it was supposed open for traffic on labor day weekend. that has been and question period today we could get a definitive answer. mike pelton is live on treasure island. >> that meeting is cancelled for 1:00 this afternoon. in the wake of all of this, the
6:35 am
stamford cisco chronicle has uncovered some the problems with the bridge. this time with the bolts on the bike path. the bike path is set to run along the 1.2 mi. span of the eastern bay bridge over to the eastern shore. according to the san francisco chronicle, the bolts on the bike path that are used to enter the railing at failed and needs to be replaced. this is a problem that the crews discovered last year. were weln place rather than leading some wiggle room when of hot weather forces the bike path to expand. all of the bulls' need to be inspected and potentially replace. it will be 100% fixed when the bike path is open. this is not a bolt problem, this is a welding problem as the bulls are not able to slide it free. we do not know how much of this problem will cost to fix. this is yet
6:36 am
another issue that will come up at today's meeting. the big question is whether at the bridge was opened as originally scheduled on labor day weekend. potentially, we'll give that answer today as well. >> we have waited a long time, we made this have to wait a little bit longer. it has been years. >> we are hoping to get that answer today but at this point we're just not sure. we will have to wait and see what they say it at 1:00. >> 2 homes and four cars were destroyed after a fire broke out in a mobile home in marin county. fire crews and responded to the fire on sir francis drake boulevard near point reyes says national seashore. when firefighters arrived in town to mobile homes and four cars engulfed in flames. all the residents were evacuated. kurds say the red cross is providing emergency shelter and supplies for six adults and six children were
6:37 am
displaced by the fire. no injuries were reported. >> san the grizzlies are looking for a man who they esteay afternoon. police say this man and to the bank of the west on pacific avenue and demanded cash from the teller. the suspect threatened the teller but police say no weapon was actually seen. he also demanded the teller not give him any bills with a dieback or gps device. the suspect is described as a white male, about 20 to 25 years old. he stands 5 ft. 7 in. tall and is 160 lbs.. >> a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is starting to back up. full check on whether and traffic is starting to back up. full check[ male announcer ]affic citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for ann to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citi tablet apps. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> did morning, 6:40 a.m. and pop the johns is in hot water after employees raises a voice mail goes up by row. to bought a johnson plays and florida were fired after mistakenly but dialing the customer and leaving a racially charged a voice mail. take a listen to an excerpt, much of it is too rapid an offensive force applied for you. >> he then proceeds to sing and made up songs using mainly the inward. the customer pulse of the race is popping sounds a voicemail on line. and the video, the customer says espy to cost $15.26 oadding that he gave a 21 percent
6:42 am
tip. he detailed his shock and disgust in the videos description. and said " this is highly offensive, derogatory, and ignorant. i am appalled that there were no managers or supervisors from stopping this kind of conversation in the workplace. as an african- american in this community and also someone who was always tipped their delivery drivers 21% or more, i am disgusted entirely by this conversation. and a personal message posted on facebook, papa john's ceo john s chnatter wrote my heartfelt apology goes out to the customer involved, his family, and our community at large. i'm very sorry that anyone would be exposed to these herbal and painful words by any person involved in any way with our company. thank you for your important comments. i have bridge me reach out to our customer to share my own thoughts and
6:43 am
offer my deepest apology. the ceo said he personally reach out to the customer to apologize for his employees' behavior. >> colorado is thing and increase the number of children accidently exposed to merritt medical marijuana. this is according to a new study in the journal pediatrics journal of the american medical association of. colorado legalize marijuana and 2000 and voters approved legal recreational pot last year. that study found a significant increase in medical marijuana expos are in children after that 2009 edicts. in most cases of marijuana belong to grandparents. the study examined 1400 patients from eight months old as well years old from 2005 to 2011.
6:44 am
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what some wall street with rob black, we were only up 68 and close over hundred. now we're down hundred. >> things are getting a little bit better. have you seen mortgage rates lately? by fast. that's the kicker, it is starting to get safer so the risk is starting to become more extensive so to speak. the treasury moved 1.6% to 2.2 percent almost overnight. no big economic data released. we're starting to shift toward things are going to get better and the second half of the year. we're starting to see it with mortgage rates going higher. >> every time we get a sharp rise on wall street we have the profit-takers coming in.
6:48 am
there is time you have a drop you have people saying all this is the dip in the here is the buying opportunity ims. i think we're gonna start seeing more things like this. >> i hope so, we need a bit. by on the dip mentality brings in the amateurs. the people who missed the 125% drop on the stock market, don't feel like you have to invest in bad times. there is a chinese company buying smithfields arms. the chinese people are buying the biggest pork producer in the united states. china wants a good report. remember the 10,000 plus of the they put in the river? other big news out there, i assure you watched arrested development on net flicks. >> i did, i watch the first
6:49 am
one. >> overall reviews are negative. i know. >> i love my game of thrones. i am willing to pay top dollar for a tv if it is that good. net flicks has to come up with another product that says we deserve to be better as far as subscribers go. apple ceo tim cook, we have the inside track on that. no one cares. that is a good thing. when the fan boys or the all mg what the next product diet is not interested in moving stock, you don't want to be going where people are are, you want to go where people are going. >> we can see just a sliver
6:50 am
of sunshine that between all of the i cloud cover and the bay bridge toll plaza. expect sunny skies and the afternoon. temperatures 1 to 2 degrees warmer than we were 24 hours ago. 57 degrees out the door and opened in downtown san francisco. i want to focus on afternoon highs starting in the east bay. interior spots getting into the mid to upper '70's including pittsburgh antioch and brentwood. and then builds a a high 73 degrees. plenty of 60s ranging from 65 enrichment of oil down to 69 in fremont. warmer weather and the south bay, upper 70's for cupertino a las gatos, campbell and santa clara. mid peninsula, mid- 60s here, low 60s downtown
6:51 am
sampras's go. palo alto, 74. the north bay, now above 77 and plenty of sunshine to go round. a little cooler in novato and low '70's for those of you and male ballet. we will see plenty of sunshine as we continue on into the weekend. for those of you had to the giants' game against the a's, it is the battle of the bay, first at 7:15 p.m.. it will be breezy and an increase in cloud cover. went will be approaching from the west at 21 mi. per hour. saturday is expected to be the warmest day of the week, mid 90's rewards inland spots. sea breeze kicks it as we head into sunday and temperatures could drop, partly cloudy skies as we start the next work week. 60 1:00 a.m. here is george. >> their right in the bay bridge this morning, there was an accident it has already been cleared. it was at the base of the incline section. at last we love,
6:52 am
the me realize red stop. there was no traffic getting through and they were on at that rate for about 50 minutes. it took that long to clear the crash. it was actually out of the way pretty quickly but it was there long enough to back up 880 all the way over the toll plaza and back up 580 into the macarthur maze. drive time coming from highway 44 were from downtown oakland, 32 minutes already free westbound bay bridge. not as bad, half that if you're coming from the nimitz, 18 minutes. a raft bay bridge ride already this morning. at the san mateo bridge, traffic is getting heavier and the drive time is starting to climb between 12 and 13 minutes. the golden gate bridge ride looks good, problems free for the 1 01 southbound. the updating drive times for you, 16 minutes hercules the berkeley as we see some slowing on the lower east shore freeway. the drive to
6:53 am
the san ramon valley still looked good. this little incident we told about some debris drops' and the lane at el costa is slowing the ride trying to connect dublin. the south bay freeways are still looking good year, problems free on 1 01 northbound, '85, '87 and the north bay ride through marin still looks good, under 28 minutes from about down to the golden gate bridge. >> 8517 magnitude earthquake in northern california last week caused damages costing more rare than at an estimated $1 million. more than 50 homes in the late eleanolake almanor they send wee damaged during the quake thursday night. broken and toppled jimmy's were the
6:54 am
most common type of damage, but the quake also broke the backs, porches and windows. some moms also suffered flooding and water damage, and a tank that supplies residents of drinking water was ruptured. look at 'em.
6:55 am
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>> coming up on kron4 morning news of the is overseeing construction of the new eastern span of the bay bridge are updating the public today on repairs to save your ride is, but those broken rides are not the only problem the bay bridge is facing. we'll explain coming up. plus, fire crews are on the scene of a wild fire in
6:58 am
southern california. we will have an update on contained numbers and the fire is affecting. the sharks quest for the stanley cup has come to an end as they were eliminated in game 7 with the kings last night. we will talk about the game coming up at 7:45 a.m. with gary radnich. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] erica had a rough dah y.
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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> good morning, the top stories we're following this wednesday may 29th, we are waiting another announcement on the progress of the is that of the bay bridge. officials are expected to decide whether that it will open on labor day weekend. >> chevron will hold their annual shareholders meeting today. the protest is planned for this morning bowling controversy that has robbed the company lately. details and a live report coming up. >> the season as counsel and and for the san jose sharks. we will give you recap of last night's game 7 coming up. >> d


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